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A campaign against the President of the United States.

January 21, 2010
by Lawrence Gulotta

What did the Democrats do last year to Obama’s liberal record?

–The Americans for Democratic Action (ADA) scored Obama on 20 key votes/year from 2005-2008.
In 2008, he received 45%; he did not vote on 9 of 20 key votes.
In 2007, he received 75%; he did not vote on 5 of 20 key votes.
In 2006, he received a 95%; he voted on 19 of 20 key votes.
In 2005, he received 100% and voted on all 20 key votes.

This information is public and available for all to see. The data indicates he was moving away from hard-line Liberalism.

I think you need to give the electorate more credit. It was obvious for anyone to see that Senator Obama was a liberal, during his senate career. What is also obvious is that President Obama is not a socialist.

I don’t believe Brown is a radical ideologue. We are learning that some radical right wing activists aided his campaign with contributions and boots on the ground. No one is surprised. This does not make him a radical. In the same fashion, because left wingers supported President Obama, this does not made him a left wing radical, either.

What is unique is that the Republican National Committee passes a resolution “renaming” (LOL) the Democratic Party the Democratic Socialist Party. Fox news notables have been bashing President Obama as a Marxist, Socialist, anti-white, for an entire year. It is their right to say and think what they want but don’t tell me that Fox is not engaged in a hate campaign against the President of the United States.

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