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Blue is the New Black by Maureen Dowd: A Comment

September 22, 2009
by Lawrence Gulotta

Maureen Dowd writes on a theme of great importance.

The survey findings appear to me to be counter-intuitive:

1.) the survey findings suggest men are happier because of “greater prosperity.” Last time I checked we were living in the Great Recession; a.) 401ks down 50%+/-; b.) record unemployment; c.) home foreclosure rates sky-high; d.) 46 million Americans without health insurance; e.) unaffordable health insurance premiums; f.)budget breaking college and grad school tuition.

Where is this ‘greater prosperity’ men are so happy about?

Apparently, men have lost their jobs in the US at a higher percentage rate than women. Not much happiness here.

Let’s get serious about the burdens of household labor, for a change. The average American home has a dishwasher; washing machine; vacuum cleaner; garbage disposal; hot and cold running water; in-door plumbing. My father, a Sicilian immigrant never lifted a finger in the home. He did do the a grocery shopping, however. My generation (I’m 59 years old) clears the table after meals; loads the dishwasher; stores the clean dishes; runs the vacuum cleaner; takes out the garbage; and does a moderate amount of cooking. My mate, I must acknowledge, does many of the home repair jobs. She is good at it.

The young family men in my neighborhood can be found behind strollers; shopping for the family; attending children at the playground (the majority are recently unemployed); bringing the children to school and back home, again. I see men doing child care all the time.

To survive as a family unit, the division of labor has been completely reordered, by necessity. Please get out and do some field work, Ms. Maureen.

BTW, men have hormones, too! The much maligned testosterone hormone decreases during middle age. How many men know this fact of life? Why are there no public service campaigns alerting men to this naturally occurring and life changing event. Women could become much happier when their man’s testosterone level is up to par, again.

We are in this life changing mess together. Buck-up!

If you want to find female unhappiness, I suggest the happiness surveys
be conducted in the underdeveloped Muslim countries,

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