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Demography’s Outsized Influence on Peace Prospects in the Israeli-Arab Conflict

April 20, 2012
by Lawrence Gulotta

Demography’s outsized influence on the discussion over a “two-state” or a “bi-national” solution needs to be addressed head-on. The notion that Israel’s birth rate should resemble the anemic birth rate of Western Europe or North America is dangerous, short sided, and narcissistic from a public policy standpoint. Zionism is not in business to create a suburban Middle Eastern utopia, complete with luxury shopping malls. The “cri de Coeur” of the Israelis is that the robust birth rate of the local Arabs will exceed the birth rate of the Israelis, thereby subverting the Jewish State. The contra cri must become, increased Aliya, repatriation from the Australian and American Diaspora, and an increased and decidedly higher birth rate
among Israeli families. The suburbanization of Israel, with its characteristically low birth rates, needs to be reversed by incentivizing large and larger families. It is not destiny that Israeli families reproduce 2.4 children per household, live in suburban sprawl and own one or two automobiles.
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