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Rand Paul and those nasty Liberal Ladies of the Press

May 23, 2010
by Lawrence Gulotta

Conservatives are whining over the “liberal” media hard-balling Rand Paul.  How hard do you want me to laugh?

Gee wiz, the future leader of the Tea Party can’t handle questions, defend or articulate his talking points in front of women journalists. Didn’t this inability to answer questions posed by a female reporter happen before? What do those liberal “babes” have for breakfast?

Anyone active in politics knows that the Libertarians represent a “marginal sentiment” on the Right wing of the American political spectrum. Ayn Rand is on the reading list of every college freshman. By the time the college student reaches the age of maturity, Ayn Rand starts to collect dust on the bookshelf.

Big deal, the Libertarians have basically one elected member of the US House Of Representatives, daddy Dr. Ron Paul. I’m pleased that they have an elected spokesperson. As a Liberal, I want diversity of opinion. I truly hope more Libertarians take over their state Republican Parties. Sometimes the Libertarians are outside the Republican Party, and sometimes they are inside the Republican Party. It is the old “inside-outside” strategy. Golly gee, if the democratic socialists can have an elected and popular Senator, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), why can’t the Libertarians?

Let’s ask candidate Dr. Rand Paul a few more hard-ball questions: 1.) Are you for the abolition of the Social Security system? 2.) Are you for the abolition of minimum wage laws? 3.) What is you position on Child Labor Laws? 4.) Do you support the repeal of unemployment compensation? 5.) Do you support the repeal of the Wagner Labor Relations Act? 6.) Do you support the repeal of the National Housing Act? 7.) What is your position on the “right of Israel to exist?”

Once the general electorate hears the” real” Libertarian answers to these and other “adult” questions, the candidacy of Libertarian Dr. Paul will drop back into being a footnote to history. “Everyone in Kentucky that wants to return their social security checks and stop their Medicare coverage please raise you hands.” The nasty liberal ladies of the press are just so hard on “honeymoon boy.”

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