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The American Soviet

April 29, 2011
by Lawrence Gulotta

Re: “The American Soviet” by Victor Davis Hanson

National Review Online, April 27, 2011

The tiny US communist party increases its membership roles from 1,000 to 2,000 members in 2010-2011 and the whole of Western civilization is in trouble. So-called “Political Correctness” is the contemporary Petrograd Soviet.

“No outcry from the American Left over a third Middle East war…” proclaims Victor Davis Hanson.  Prof. Hanson really “knows” this as a fact. Therefore, he does not feel the need to quote any sources. In the leading  journal of the American Left, DISSENT MAGAZINE, Prof. Michael Waltzer’s article(s) on Libya are worth reading, in this regard, see:  “The WRONG INTERVENTION” .


David McReynolds, a longtime American advocate of non-violence and democratic socialism, comes close to denouncing “the complete bypassing of the U.S. Congress in launching that war, or over the efforts to blow up a foreign leader and all in his vicinity” at a recent public meeting in New York. Libya did not attack the United States.

Sorry, Prof. Hanson, you don’t know what the Left is doing or saying.

Who is demonized in America today? We all know about the lavish life styles of public employees, right? The unionized teachers are also to blame for the recession, local, state and federal deficits, and the dumb down of America.  Conservatives have been attacking and “demonizing” teachers, public education and public employees mercilessly for months. The conflict over collective bargaining in Wisconsin and, several other Mid-Western states, has rallied the democratic left and the unionized workers.

Is the transgender female in extremis the new right wing cause? This horrible incident is used by Prof. Hanson to attack those on the Left that might argue “these are the tragic wages of prior oppression that must be contextualized and constructed in the proper narrative of the centuries.” No one on the Left has made this point. The Professor is making up stories whole-cloth. Prof. Hansen is making politics of a terrible, violent attack against a transgender woman by two unknown Afro-American women, in a remote McDonald’s restaurant, to score points against the Left. When did Prof. Hansen become such an advocate for white, transgender women?

Prof. Hansen forgets Israel was founded by a Socialist Zionist movement. The Left is not monolithic on Middle East issues. It is interesting that the Palestinian Federation of Labor have told certain anti-Israeli labor leaders in Europe that they wish to associate with the Israeli Federation of Labor—the Histadruit—and are opposed to any boycott of Israeli commerce, see TULIP – Trade Unions Linking Israel and Palestine,

The Soviet state is dead. It died in 1991. The American democratic left rejected the USSR in 1919, when it expelled the Communists from the Socialist Party. As a reward, the NYS legislature expelled the SP’s six legally elected Assembly members from the chamber.

The so-called “American Soviet” is a phrase used to pander to political extremism, shift responsibility for US problems from “cowboy individualism,” American “exceptionalism” and “unregulated capitalism” to the tiny shoreline, in a little political pond, “the Left.”

Privately, Rightists want nothing to do with a “rights” agenda, except “States Rights.” For the Rightists, the “rights” movements have been fronts groups, populated by “useful idiots” for totalitarianism. Martin Luther King, FDR, Margaret Sanger, A. Philip Randolph, Walter Reuther, New Deal, Fair Deal, Great Society, etc., all “communist fronts” or infiltrated by communists, Fabian socialists or  “useful idiots.” In the category of “useful idiots,” they place Eleanor Roosevelt.

With analysis like Prof. Hansen’s, no wonder the Right is beginning to crash. Hanson writes a mean and desperate article for a mean and desperate crowd.

April 29, 2011

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