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The Oldest and Ugliest Traditions in American Politics

June 3, 2010
by Lawrence Gulotta

A response to John Judis’s
The Tea Party Movement Isn’t Racist
But that’s not to say there aren’t racists in it.

New Republic June 3, 2010

The Tea Party is an umbrella movement of the radical right. Within the radical right you will find racists. Racism comes in different flavors and strips. The racist politics and perspectives of the 21st century are different than the racist politics of the 20th and 19th centuries. The hand-made protest signs carried by the Tea Party activists and demonstrators declared President Obama was a monkey, a backward and dumb African and subhuman. Is this racism? I think so. There were enough of these signs to make the point that racial correctness had been discarded.

The Tea Party is also, in a demonstrable fashion, a feminist movement of the radical right. The New York Times poll indicates that 55% of the Tea Party adherents are women. The image of the man wearing a three-cornered revolutionary war hat needs to be supplemented with a woman in faux Betsy Ross attire. It arrears that the liberal, moderate and radical feminists have been put on the defensive. There is self-doubt among the moderate and liberal feminists today. They are concerned that Phyllis Schlafly and her ideological kin can turn out more troops and collect more money than Gloria Steinem and company.

Anti-socialist and anti-big government feelings are strong and the hot-house paranoia of the radical right feeds the belief that the “socialists have taken over” and “we want our country back.” Back from whom? The black monkey socialist radical in the White House? Has a racist, right wing feel to it, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, John Judis does not focus on the Tea Party’s fund raising. The usual suspects: beer, real estate, oil barons and family foundations. If the Progressives were fortunate to have the funding that the Tea Party enjoys, they too would be riding a wave.

Who are the real Americans? Not liberals and socialists, not immigrants, not liberal feminists, college professors, mainstream media, atheists, not black college professors and the black masses (welfare mothers and illegitimate and uneducated kids), etc, etc. There is a long list of “unreal Americans” including the 53% of the population that lives in sinful and un-American urban centers.

The Tea Party is a well funded coalition of the radical right (and their “useful idiots”) effectively exploiting racism, economic crisis, American chauvinism, anti-statist, Southern neo-confederate sentiments, Second Amendment gun rights supporters and enthusiasts, anti-immigrant xenophobia and anti-religious liberal and radical feminism. Small “c” conservative women make up a majority of this movement and they are hardly exempt from racism.

It is delusional to maintain the belief that the Tea Party is not an ultra right wing radicalism, able to use racism, when it can get away with it.

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